Thursday, July 7, 2011

Army Spouse Scholarships & Grants

Army spouses can obtain college student help to research stateside or abroad.

Husbands and wives of U.S. Army support members can receive monetary support for their academic objectives via pupil support applications provided by federal government companies. Whilst particular software programs provide funding only for spouses residing inside the United States, other people provide help for wives and husbands dwelling with Army personnel serving in abroad commands. Spouses can acquire scholarships to comprehensive their large university training, get a correspondence program or total undergraduate, graduate or certificate program at educational institutions and schools.

Military Spouse Job Development Accounts

The U.S. Division of Defense sponsors the Military Spouse Profession Development Accounts program, also acknowledged as MyCAA. As of February 2011, MyCAA presents up to $six,000 in instructional funding for spouses of lively-duty services members and activated Reserve and Nationwide Guard members. The program extends eligibility to spouses enrolled in education software programs and attending substantial colleges, schools and schools. Pupils enrolled at submit-secondary establishments can utilize for MyCAA positive aspects to go after bachelor's, associates, master's and doctoral degrees. Spouses who have by now acquired a degree can use MyCAA advantages to go after instruction certification, health-related licensing, law licensing or accounting certification.

Stateside Spouse Schooling Aid Program

Army Emergency Relief administers the Stateside Spouse Schooling Aid Program (SSEAP) for spouses of Army personnel, which includes normal Army, Army Nationwide Guard and Army Reserve. SSEAP extends eligibility to spouses of energetic duty services members, retired soldiers and these who have died Even though serving in energetic duty or throughout retirement. Candidates should live in the United States, enroll comprehensive time and need to be pursuing their initial undergraduate degree. The program does not extend eligibility to graduate College students or spouses looking for a second bachelor's degree. Awardees can acquire up to $2,400 per college yr, as of February 2011, which they can use to spend for tuition, college charges, textbooks and materials. Recipients can acquire awards for a optimum of 4 many years.

Survivors' and Dependents' Instructional Support Program

Spouses of Army personnel who died or grew to become disabled Even though serving in energetic duty can use for the Survivors' and Dependents' Academic Aid Program (DEA). Sponsored by the U.S. Division of Veterans Affairs, the DEA also extends eligibility to spouses of support members detailed as lacking in action and individuals detained by a foreign region. The program provides instructional funding for a greatest of 45 months, which recipients can use for degree plans, Career education, correspondence programs, apprenticeships or certificate software programs.

Abroad Spouse Schooling Support Program

Spouses of soldiers serving in lively duty abroad can use for the Abroad Spouse Training Support Program (OSEAP). Sponsored by Army Emergency Relief, the program does not extend eligibility to spouses of services members serving in Alaska, Puerto Rico or Hawaii. The candidate need to live abroad with the the energetic-duty spouse. OSEAP only awards funding to College students pursuing their GED, their very first undergraduate degree or enrolled in English proficiency coursework. OSEAP only pays fifty percent of tuition expenditures, up to $2,500 per 12 months.

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